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Today’s word is festive. Ouray County is like a party and Ouray’s 4th of July celebrations are a perfect example of that!

A small town parade kicks of the day. Since it is easy to join the parade, all sorts of people participate. Peopel from the local livery barns ride horses down the street, fire trucks blast their sirens, jeeps show off their patriotism and style,  and student performers show off their skills!

The winner of the summer long, annual jeep raffle is announced and someone gets to ride off in a brand new jeep.

The water fights is the peak of the day for a lot of people! Firefighters get decked out in full gear and essentially play a game of tug-o-war. Lots of locals watch from the rooftops of businesses they or their friends own. It builds a lot of attention for our volunteer- only fire department and helps get a lot of donations for them.

This isn’t the only time people flock to the party! Outdoor music, picnicing and cook outs, mountain adventuring- these are just a few of the things that people love to do in the summer here in Ouray!

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